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Created: July 16, 2014
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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client Version 2.1.2 (Hot Fix) 12/11/2012

This article has been retired, we now promote the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to Trail Blazer remotely.  Click here to go to the new article.

MAC RDP: “You were disconnected from the Windows-based computer because of problems during the licensing protocol”


This article will walk you through the steps to download and install the Microsoft RDC Ver 2.1.2 (this RDC client will fix the recent problem the Ver 2.1.1 Mac users are encountering).

Steps to Download and Install MS RDC Client Ver 2.1.2

Click the link below to install the MS RDC Client Ver 2.1.2 and follow the onscreen instructions.

Download RDP solution now.

Enter the admin credentials of your Mac to finish the install.

After installation is complete you will launch the RDC Ver 2.1.2 program, enter your database specific logon username and password and you will be connected to the Trail Blazer server.  From here you can double-click the TBZ program icon on the desktop to launch Trail Blazer; at this point you will enter your individual logon credentials and click OK to finish launching the application.

HINT:  When in the RDC program click View on the top bar of the window and select Full Screen to maximize the window.

IMPORTANT:  It's good practice to close the Trail Blazer app by clicking the red x in the upper right and also log out of RDC when you're finished working.  To log out click the Windows start button and select Log Out, this way someone else in your organization won't accidently log into your old session.




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