Sometimes you would like to be able to enter your data from a drop down list.  We have converted the first six user text fields to drop-down boxes.  The drop-downs work when you have FEWER than 1,000 unique values in those columns. 


NOTE:  You must periodically update the table of unique values for the drop-downs to show the correct information.  For users with administrative rights, from the Application Menu select:
       System Manager --> Settings --> Update Unique Search Values (Drop Downs).

This maintenance will clean up ALL the drop downs within the application.

Today's Version (8/20/2012)

You may now edit the committee name for NON-PRIMARY committees.

If you do imports and would like to verify how you mapped your columns AFTER the import is completed, open your own record and check out the Log tab.  We have added a log note that displays the mapping.

Sequencing has been added to the marketing notions to allow you to control the ORDER in which the marketing notions appear on your web site.  This is found in the Notions tab within the Event when creating or editing an event.

The SD column is now a drop-down box.  See the drop-downs heading above.

FEC Form 2 now accommodates multiple affiliated committees.  (If that didn't make sense to you, then you don't need it).


Fixed a problem of MapPoint failing after processing map pins.