UPDATE - Is that Tamally or Tarnally?

by Mark Panger3. November 2015 08:47

Everyone's font has now been updated as of 12/5/2015.  You will need to relaunch TB to see the change.


Let us know if you would like to have the experimental font.  Click this link to send us an email at support@trailblz.com and just say you want the new font.


Event ticket items can now be private (not displayed on the web site)

by Mark Panger2. November 2015 15:49

If you are using Trail Blazer's event system for ticketing you may have had the need to be able to hide a ticket item from public view.  In the example below I want to hide the VIP complimentary pass ticket:  


When setting up the ticket I need only to set this checkbox: 


Your web page will not display the ticket item. 


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