Would you like a way to EXCLUDE certain contributions from your "real" donations?

by Mark Panger30. December 2014 10:13

 Want to know more?  Click the play button below to see a video.



Pivots on Contributor Type

by Mark Panger29. December 2014 10:41

If you have ever tried to run a pivot report of contributions by contributor type, you would find that instead of the contributor type being spelled out, you got a numeric value.  If you add the ContributorTypeName (below) column to your list, your results will be more readable:



In my sample database my 2014 contributions are summarized by type:


Customers in France will have more flexibility in phone numbers

by Mark Panger29. December 2014 10:39

If you use Trail Blazer in France, your phone numbers are now free-formatted freeing you from the U.S. format of (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.


FEC updates today

by Mark Panger29. December 2014 10:37

Added functionality to add FEC memo notes to loans.  

Added functionality to forgive loans to the campaign by using memo entries.


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