Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Open Windows

by Mark Panger28. June 2013 09:31

Someone asked via the comments box: Is there a keyboard shortcut for switching between open windows? 

Yes:   Ctrl-Tab


Search by Committee ID

by Mark Panger28. June 2013 08:04

Someone asked via the comments box: Can you search for PACs by FEC ID? 

Yes.  It's not a built in search so you will need to use the SQL tab.

Enter the following:


Be sure to replace the x's with the Committee ID number.


Emails Campaigns Open More Quickly

by Mark Panger20. June 2013 10:47

If you were experiencing slow opening of existing email campaigns, today's release corrects that.


Log Notes Print Again In the Call Book

by Mark Panger7. June 2013 16:16

With today's release we have corrected the problem of Log Notes not printing on the Call Book report found in the File menu of the Voter/Donor Search tool strip.


Who INCREASED Their Giving Over Last Year?

by Mark Panger3. June 2013 14:22

I got this question from a customer over the weekend:

Is there a report that we can run that will tell us donors who have increased their donations calendar year 2013? We would like to check out increased donations from current donors. Thanks


Yes, you can do that.  It will require a few extra steps as outlined here.  In my demonstration database I have 961 donors that gave more in 2012 than in 2011:



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