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Created: January 11, 2023
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Maintaining Lawn Sign Types


This article will teach you how create and maintain different types of lawn signs.  Once you configure lawn sign types, then you can use the new lawn sign types in setting up lawn signs for voters.

Opening the List - Lawn Sign Types

 To open up the list of lawn sign types, go to the Application Menu then navigate the following path: System Manager > Lists > Lawn Sign Types. The following diagram numbers the steps to do this starting with 1 and ending with 4.

This will bring up a list of all available lawn sign types like the following:

To edit an existing Lawn Sign type, click on the appropriate name in the list.  However, if you wish to create a new lawn sign type, click the New button on the top of the window.  Either action will open up the Sign Type Card. This is where you enter the information about the sign type.

Entering Lawn Sign Type Data

An example of the Sign Type Card is shown below.

The following table outlines what each area of the window means.






A name for the sign type

Display Label

The words to be displayed on the IFRAME beside the check box.


An abbreviation for the sign type

Sign Image

Thumbnail size image as inserted via the Get File… or Paste buttons


Height of the sign

Get File…

Opens up a window so you can navigate to insert a picture of the lawn sign type.


Width of the sign


Saves the data in the window. This window stays open.

Display on web site

Whether or not to display the lawn sign type on the Signup Groups or Donations IFRAME

Save and Close

Saves the data in the window. The window closes after the save completes.

Display Sequence

Numerical order on where the checkbox for this lawn sign type should appear on the IFRAME.


Abandons any changes in the data since the last time it was saved and then closes the window.

Some Notes on the Web (IFRAME) Portion of Lawn Sign Types

If you want to display the lawn sign type on your Donation or Signup Groups IFRAMEs, there is an additional couple of steps to take in order to have lawn sign types appear on your Trail Blazer supplied Donations or Signup Groups IFRAMEs. 

You need to open the WebSite Configuration window.  To do this, under the Application Menu, then follow this path:  System Manager à Settings à Website Configuration.  If you do not see the System Manager folder in the Application Menu, then you do not have security to do this.  Contact the Trail Blazer administrator at your organization to either see who can help you do this work that is authorized inside Trail Blazer or to have him/her to change your security settings so that you can access the System Manager folder.  A partial listing of the System Manager à Settings folder is shown below.

Go to the Donations or Signup Groups tab where you want to have lawn sign types shown on the appropriate IFRAME.  On the second level of tabs, choose the Page Setup tab. 

Your first step of making sure lawn sign types are on the IFRAME is to make sure that the following item on this tab is checked:  Show Lawn Sign Component .  An example of this tab in the WebSite Configuration. Then click SAVE.

The second step that you need to do, is to click the link at the top of this window that says: Click here to refresh your web pages using updated specifications.  You will need to do this every time you change and save the web portions of a lawn sign type.

Once you do that, you can get a preview of the IFRAME by clicking on the Live Preview tab that is on the second row of tabs.


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